Lloyds Banking Group - Mortgages

Lloyds Banking Group - Mortgages

Total redesign and refactor of Lloyds Mortgages Calculator.

We developed the entire app from scratch using the latest React.js library and a load of extra dependencies to standardise the codebase.

React.js + Redux
Smart Mortgage Calculator - UI Example

We introduced a Component Library, which became a common component codebase for the entire bank. The idea was to keep the code for each component in one place that could be re-usable like LEGO blocks across the apps.

Constellation (Component Library) - Number Input Example

There were multiple challenges that we faced down the line. For example a very complex logic behind the scenes which was handling different answers and conditional displays. We supported ourselves with building-in a bunch of automated tests to avoid potential bugs and migration errors.

Automated Tests

Following the most popular patterns and coding designs helped us to implement a very scalable codebase, which is no longer hard to maintain.

JavaScript Design Patterns