What is Clear.Bank®?

ClearBank® is the UK’s first clearing bank in more than 250 years and delivers new standards in market competition and transparency. Our state-of-the-art technologies and innovative services transform your clearing and agency bank experience. ClearBank® makes payments faster, automates your business processes and reconciliation, whilst delivering new levels of cost efficiency, instantly.


ClearBank® offers services to financially regulated businesses and fintechs. We provide secure access to core banking solutions, payment schemes and systems, operated within a liquidity managed Account.


ClearBank® is the first ever clearing bank to design and build a brand new technology platform specifically for clearing and settlement services.

Free from the constraints of years of legacy IT infrastructure, our state-of-the-art technology transforms the clearing bank experience.

About Clear.Bank®

ClearBank® delivers essential clearing and settlement capabilities for any organisation that provides financial services, opening up competition in UK banking for the first time in more than two centuries.

We’ve built a state of the art technology platform specifically designed for clearing services, connected to all UK payment schemes.