The story of us

We are a close team of creatives based in London, United Kingdom.

How it all began

1st definition of Selcouth Digital - A bunch of few enthusiasts kept doing what they love and what they are really passionate about. They all have different hobbies and personalities but yet have a lot in common. They have been doing digital related project for years and they still keep learning new ways of delivering the most efficient pieces of software and art.

2nd definition of Selcouth Digital - Professional & innovative digital agency providing the highest quality services, following latest trends, practicing the most efficient and elegant solutions / patterns and yet setting new rules for the future web design / development.


"One of the pleasantest things about book writing is that sometimes it brings one in touch with old friends"

- Rachel Field
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Aim for the future

We offer attractive range of services that include: 
Web design / development, Graphic design, Corporate identity / all other design, development and print related services. 

Each project is selcouth and of course we aim to understand our customer needs, requirements and ideas first. We put them together, plan carefully and provide the best services we can. We have very successful client base, so long-term relationship with our clients is as important as your business and new website. 

We will share our experience and knowledge to guide you through intense and fast growing web industry. Our experience team besides regular tasks can also offer additional services, such as: domain registration / web hosting / SEO or analytics. Do not hesitate to ask us questions, we surely can help you or direct you towards right direction.

`Selcouth` Digital

*adj. Unfamiliar, strange, unusual, rare, wondrous and yet marvellous.
comparative more selcouth, superlative most selcouth